Exercise and healthy eating are two of the best ways to stay fit. However, most people perceive exercising as a boring routine. It is why people generally join gyms only to stop exercising regularly a while later. This is where the onus is on the trainer to try and ensure that they motivate the clients enough for them to work out regularly in order to achieve long term benefits. Here are some ways a personal trainer with the right online weight loss programs can help motivate the clients.

Tell Them How Much They’ve Achieved

It is important to make the client feel that their constant exercising has made them lose some weight or tone their body in some way. That doesn’t mean you have to lie to them. If they haven’t actually experienced any results, find a way to tell them how far they have come and how few more steps will help them achieve their rapid weight loss targets.

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Talk about How well They Exercise

Exercising is hard and when you have to exercise to lose weight it is all the harder to be patient until you reach your goal. As they say, it is easy to put on weight but difficult to get it off again!

When clients who are trying to lose weight come to you, it is important to boost their morale. Keep in mind that their motivation is already affected because they have been trying to lose weight and can’t seem to. It is important to keep telling them that they are performing the exercises correctly and that they can get better at it.

Talk about other Success Stories

You can motivate clients by constantly talking about other people’s success stories. Cite examples of how your other clients lost an ‘x’ amount of pounds in a period of a few months or weeks with kettlebel training. Let them feel like as though achieving their dream weight is not impossible.

When you cite examples, it is easier for the clients to feel motivated and positive and to even stick to their goals. Talk about how you have trained several people after getting your Melbourne kettlebell courses and how you have seen different types of success stories.

Give Them Options

Exercise is one way to get fit and toned. However, there are other options too that when pursued at the same time can help them achieve their fitness goals. Talk about eating right, about detoxifying or going on a fruit diet for a couple of weeks. These healthy options mixed with the right kind of exercise routine will make them feel better and more positive and motivated from within.

Find out more about exercise options on Fitness Australia CEC certifications

Group Exercising

Try and mix up the groups as much as you can. Allow clients who are struggling to achieve certain fitness goals to work out with those who have managed to lose weight and achieve their desired weight over a period of time. It will help them to get more positive and motivated. Group workouts are a great way to also make exercising fun and if every workout is fun, your clients will look forward to working out with you.

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