After many years of looking in the mirror and seeing a less than perfect smile, I found a method that gave me back my self confidence and bright smile. I only wish that I had known how simple it was a long time ago.

When I graduated college and started working in the real world, I soon realized how little time that I had to take care of myself. I began to notice many things that just were not the same as when I was younger. The most apparent of them all was my smile. All the coffee and fast food after several years in the real world really took its toll on my teeth. They had become yellow and ugly. I tried almost everything that I could think of to get them white again. I tried new toothpaste, drinking less coffee, and even peroxide. These did not work. Someone suggested that I get them professionally whitened, but when I looked into the cost I thought they were crazy! A dentist charges several hundred dollars for a whitening treatment.Reason why I decided to go for alta white.

I made the decision that I was going to find an alternative. I am so glad I did because it has made a big difference.

Pretty much everyone I know wants to have nice white teeth. This is natural to want nice teeth but it can also be a tricky problem to solve.

People do not want to pay too much for whiter teeth. They also want to know that the treatment they are using is not harming them in any way or hurting their teeth.

I totally relate to this. This issue can drive anyone crazy and not finding a good solution is even more frustrating.


Your teeth become stained when food or drink particles get logged in your enamel. Your teeth are porous, which means they have tiny holes all over them. These holes trap the food particles and make it very difficult to remove.

Many people think that simply brushing their teeth is enough. This will not remove the stains, and if you brush too hard trying to remove them, you may damage your teeth.

There has to be a way that you can get whiter teeth without paying a fortune, and without causing damage.

Here are 3 Things You NEED Know in order to find the best teeth whitener:

#1. Most of the teeth whiteners you find at the grocery store are just shrewd marketing schemes to get you to buy more product. Most of them do not make any serious impact at all.

#2. Watch out for “Natural Teeth Whitening Remedies.” Often times these can do more harm than good. For example, one natural remedy is to brush with lemon juice. While this may whiten your teeth, the acid in the juice will also strip your teeth of calcium. This is not such a good idea.

#3. Don’t expect results overnight. It takes time to get your teeth back to their natural color. Trying to rush the process may cause harm to your teeth.

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